Wednesday, 14 May 2008

too many days of wondering where i am when i wake up...

I have a feeling of being unproductive - which is not healthy in the professionally unemployed. So I have decided to make a list of things I have learnt in the last day:

1) Learnt that 'learnt' is British English but in the US they 'learned' things... Which to me sounds like they did learn something, then forgot it... I learned many things as a young man... Whereas if you learnt something, you still have it floating around your cranium somewhere. Explains a lot about Americans really.

2) How to make a movie with massive copyright infringement... but at least the video is mine.

3) i) Đây là cái gì? (What is this?)
ii) chuếnh choáng (hangover)
iii) đắt thế! (expensive)
iv) dừng lại (stop)
v) lấy vợ (take a wife)

4) Found that making your own wall paper in Vietnam will be convenient and affordable.

5) Realized that adding scotch to your morning coffee is not considered as 'sophisticated' as I thought it was. But it still tastes nice.

6) Understood that wherever you are in the world, someone will still steal your lighter.

7) Learnt that when Vietnamese say 'iloemyieanmyieoeshiein' they mean 'I love my wife and my wife loves white wine'.

Enuf said. Time to take a break.


Deepwarren said...

so if i make you soon vector drawings will you see if they blow up well into wallpaper.. and do they do colour?

i love my bf and i llike white wine..*grin.

Scratchindog said...

send me your vector drawings and let me make the wallpaper of our dreams...