Thursday, 3 April 2008

one day this war is going to end

All the planning was in getting here. Now I am here, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Hanoi has reverted to its perpetual mist to greet me. West lake lays like a sheet of gun metal out the window. I hear power tools, motorbikes and Led Zeppelin. OK, so I'm playing the music. Dazed and Confused has come on the random play list and it seems rather appropriate at this juncture. For the moment it is better not to plan. For the moment, it is better to walk out the door and get lost on the streets until clarity returns.

Thank you Sharon for getting me complete to the airport. Thank you Nick for getting me complete from the airport. Now I'm going to walk out the door and see the world. Seeing I still get lost in Newtown, I doubt that anyone will ever hear of me again...


Warren said...

i suspect you won't get lost quietly . move made to clovelly - tonight could be my first night there!

crybaby said...

you won't get terribly lost.
i'd take a picture for you, but mat lost our camera, again.