Tuesday, 25 September 2007

ruby rails to india

Have spent a day listening and watching a man move too fast and speak too much. But as an introduction to Ruby on Rails it was good. I don't know what I've learnt, but I can feel the pressure in my skull from all that damn knowledge. I am going to go out, poke at some food in a thoughtful way and drink a shitload.

In a few hours Mic leaves on a plane to India with her boyfriend. Whilst I am still officially in denial and thus do not feel the consequences of this right now, part of me knows that something tomorrow morning will be broken. The inner circle can no longer function in balanced harmony. The machinary will start to go awry, spinning too fast and tipping from its safe axis. My world - by a simple absence - is going to start slipping from control. Sydney will become defunct.

Good morning Vietnam.


deepwarren said...

errr. you're still not allowed to leave till after xmas though!

Scratchindog said...

Wouldn't dream of missing Christmas... I'll be around for till sometime next year