Tuesday, 10 July 2007

another two weeks later

I have floated through another two weeks. Two weeks is the measure of my floating. Whilst I am not particularly materialistic, my payday is fortnightly. The sudden influx of cash each fourteen days causes a flurry of bills, paybacks and stockpiling being attended to. Which leaves one well stocked, up-to-date and broke for the next couple of weeks. Such is the structured pressure of the capitalist world that impinges upon us that do not necessarily feel the consumerist need.

Perhaps a better metaphor is catching the wave on payday and riding it into shore fast knowing it is all good for the trip. Then there is the effort of paddling out again, and waiting in the cold for the next good wave to come past. Though since I pretty much avoid swimming at all costs I wouldn't know what the metaphor means first hand.

There is a lot of change in the air. One flatmate is leaving overseas. A flurry of discussions about bonds and bills and who is going to be on the phone bill. Boxes appearing in hall ways. Mutterings of goodbye meet-ups. I can understand why dogs get freaked out when they see the suitcases come out. The new tax year is upon us. Vietnamese lessons are starting again. I sit back and think about it. This is the normal amount of change. Change is always upon us. And it always catches me by surprise and gets the same drunken stoner stare down. And the change always slides past, is absorbed and the ripples past out and leave still waters.

Still waters are not always deep. Some times they are just drunk and happy. For no particular reason I did not drink yesterday. This morning I had an anti-hangover - which is much like a hangover except you are not used to it. Tonight I am having a cheap bottle of white wine in an extravagently over-sized glass. No anti-hangover for me tomorrow!

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