Sunday, 10 June 2007

family dinner

left the rarified atmosphere of redfern with G and headed north north over the bridge and far away to where my brother lives in lindfield. arrived and set about cooking up a storm... leg of pork, leg of lamb, lots of veg both roasted and steamed. let loose in the wine cellar, reds from the 80's and 90's, so old they had corks in :-)

both my cousins from melbourne with their respective partners were there - my brother, his wife, the four children. much wine, beautiful food, brandy and excellent conversation. so I broke an 18th century chair? and slept walked naked around the house? and urinated in inappropriate places? and tried to get in bed with my cousin and her fiance? these things can be forgiven, non?

never, ever, ever go to the north side...

1 comment:

deepwarren said...

dirty dog! there's something about that house, where dinner parties and bad accidents with toilets just go hand in hand..